headshot 2019I’ve been counseling for over 14 years and earned my MA in Counseling in 2004. It is a deep joy for me to work¬†with my clients and learn their stories.

My own life has been touched by pain and I’ve seen redemption in many¬†of the dark places. That’s what connects me with people and compels me to advocate for the growth and hope of my clients.

Life can be unexpectedly painful. What amazes me about all of us as human beings is that we are also wired for hope and connection. I seek to create a safe place to hear and understand you with a non-judgmental presence.

Services And Specialization:

  • Enneagram Counseling: Personality Assessment & Processing
  • Couples’ Counseling
  • Motherhood: Individual & Group Support
  • Faith-Based Counseling
  • Emotional Recovery and Resilience
  • Grief & Loss
  • Online Therapy – Texas & Missouri residents only

Call today for an appointment or to arrange a speaking/training event 314.497.7681