Enneagram Work

Do you know your number?

Did you know that the Enneagram can offer deep insights into how you are wired? Did you know it can open up understanding and closer relationships within your marriage, friendships, and family? I have studied the Enneagram for seven years and have been trained by a master in the field. It is a transforming way to self-discovery!

I offer the following:

  • Enneagram work incorporated into individual and couples’ counseling.
  • A Know Your Number discovery: 3 sessions (45 minutes each) for individuals for $250 or 4 sessions (45 minutes each) for couples for $300. You will walk away with a deep, challenging, and eye-opening experience of how you were made!
  • Enneagram Journey Groups:
    • Journey Groups for Counselors – Want to use the Enneagram to help deepen your client work? This 6-week group is for you. Call now to find out when the next group is starting!
    • Journey Groups for Individuals – Don’t know your Enneagram number yet? Have a hunch but want a fuller and richer picture of what makes you tick? This 10 week group is for you! The next group will start in the Fall of 2018. Call now to reserve your spot!