I’ve been counseling for over 18 years, and it is a deep joy for me to do this work and join others as they pursue help and healing. My passion is to help adult clients connect compassionately with themselves, and develop unique language for how they’ve been hurt. It’s really difficult to heal or change when you lack the words and awareness for what has happened to you and in you. Naming significant parts of your story and discovering the messages and meaning in them allows us to bring comfort and validation to our emotional needs, strengthen our secure bonds with others, and shows us paths to freedom.

Using an attachment lens, an insight-oriented and relational method, a personality framework, and an integration of neuropsychology, I collaborate with my clients to better understand and process their stories as well as pursue whole-person healing. Our hearts, minds, and bodies are meant to work together and help us connect to ourselves and others in secure and joyful relationships. Life can be unexpectedly painful. What amazes me about all of us as human beings is that we are also wired for hope and connection. I seek to create a safe place to hear and understand you with a non-judgmental presence. 

Services And Specializations:

  • Reducing Overwhelm & Building Self-Compassion
  • Navigating Toxic & Painful Relationships
  • Motherhood: Juggling Family, Work, & Identity
  • Developing Self-Awareness Through Personality {Enneagram-Informed}
  • Faith-Based Counsel Upon Request
  • Online Therapy – Texas residents only

Call today for an appointment or to arrange a speaking/training event 314.497.7681

You can find me on various podcasts by clicking the links below:

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Leslie’s Contact:
: 314.497.7681
Email: lesliebleylpc@gmail.com

Leslie’s session rate is $150 for 50 minutes and $225 for 75 minutes. If you need a discounted rate, she can discuss that in your initial session. Plan to pay the full fee for your first visit.