Phases of Therapy Workshop: The Art of Client Movement – 2.5 CEs


This workshop will illuminate the stages of therapy, the movement and milestones in each phase, and the right time to terminate services.


Are you feeling stressed about your current caseload?

Coming out of the pandemic has left many of us with an untenable workload and feeling overwhelmed or lost. As therapists, we often consider the counseling relationship to be intuitive. Yet there is an art and science to the movement of this work. When do you terminate a client? What are the specific benchmarks of progress? Do you wish you had room for new clients, but you can’t seem to find space? In her 19 years of practice, Leslie has gleaned valuable principles to help shape this process.

This workshop is for new and experienced practitioners looking to interact with your caseload, better articulate the counseling process, evaluate longer term clients with more clarity, and identify next steps to the caseload you want! It offers 2.5 CEs if you’re in Texas!

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